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John Deere Field Connect

Field Connect – John Deere's Soil Moisture Monitoring System

Field Connect allows growers to monitor moisture levels in the soil from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet. You can see precisely when you need to irrigate, and how long it's optimal to wait before the next irrigation. You can also see important information about the health of your crops by water intake at different root lengths.

Here is information about the system broken down by each of its components:

Moisture Probe


Moisture probes have sensors that detect moisture levels in the soil. They come in different lengths to match a crop's root length: .5 meters, 1.0m, and 1.5m with 4, 5, and 6 sensors respectively. Probe readings are reliable for an entire field, up to approximately 160 acres. Different variables can affect the reliability of moisture level readings, including soil type and differences in irrigation. New models can support up to 8 probes wirelessly for each field connect unit. Up to 8 probes can connect wirelessly within 1 mile LOS from the Gateway, or up to 2 probes can connect by a wire to the gateway. The probes use a "capacitance-based" soil moisture sensing system with low soil disruption to get very accurate measurements even nearing the extremes. 



The Gateway is the green box pictured above that powers the system and sends out a probe's sensor readings so you can access them from the internet. It uses both a cellular and satellite connection to ensure connectivity. The readings are transferred wirelessly (no USB sticks), so there is no hassle with data on the grower's end. Results are immediately available 24/7 online. Soil moisture is recorded every 30 minutes, and updated on the internet every 2 hours. You can see your sensor readings by going to the Field Connect App or website. The Gateway is powered by a solar panel and battery. The Gateway also has a Service Advisor diagnostic port for easy servicing.

Graphic Display


Moisture levels are shown in an intuitive graphic display. Colored blue and red horizontal lines at the top and bottom of the graph show optimal soil moisture ranges tailored to the specific crop (above left). You can also see a graph with moisture levels for each of the multiple sensors in the probe (above right). The above pictures show relatively healthy crops with efficient irrigation. You'd be surprised how much different the graphs can look!

Dealer Support Network

Field Connect is backed by Fresno Equipment and the network of John Deere dealers for all support and service. There are a few other moisture monitoring systems on the market, but none have a reliable service network like your network of John Deere dealers.

Environmental Sensors

Attach multiple environmental sensors:
  • Leaf wetness sensor
  • Temperature probe
  • Pyranometer (measures solar radiation)
  • Rain gauge
  • Weather station


For more information about Field Connect, contact Fresno Equipment's Precision Ag Specialist, Philip Christensen:

Philip Christensen
Integrated Solutions Manager
Office:   (559) 884-2425
Cell:      (559) 360-7878