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Check Regularly for News from the Dealership

5/25/16 -- Drive Green at our Fresno Location!!!!

Please join us at our Fresno location for our 2016 Drive Green Event! We'll be showcasing the new equipment from most of our major manufacturers. We'll also be having a grower appreciation bbq lunch catered by Ribs & Tips (same as last year), a host of raffle prizes, $750 in John Deere coupons toward the purchase of a 1-6 Series tractor or lawn/turf equipment, and a chance to win a brand new John Deere 2025R compact utility tractor valued at over $22,000!!! See the flyer below for more details!

5/17/16 -- Today we're launching Green Guard!

Green Guard is a yearlong support package with Fresno Equipment to get the most out of your technology or equipment purchase! There are packages associated with 4 products:  JDLink, GPS (AutoTrac), Field Connect, and Equipment Inspections.

These packages are for the support that Fresno Equipment provides in conjunction with your purchase. For example, when you purchase a Field Connect soil moisture monitoring system, our Green Guard Field Connect package provides you with monthly soil moisture monitoring, and round-the-clock service alert monitoring. We will also re-install and remove your probe during off-seasons. The package costs $250. Please visit the Precision Ag page of our website for more details! 

4/18/16 -- Big Improvements to John Deere Operations Center

John Deere has improved the old Operations Center. Starting with a name change (it's now called "John Deere Operations Center"), you can now draw and edit field boundaries from the app, saving time and expense. You can also now draw and edit field zones in the app (for different soil types, etc.). The older GS 2 2600 and newer GS 2 1800 displays are also now compatible with the JD Operations Center. The whole activation has been updated for more efficiency and convenience.

2/9 - 2/11/16 -- World Ag Expo

Fresno Equipment will be at the World Ag Expo Feb. 9th-11th. Click for more info about the Tulare Ag Expo, or Fresno Equipment's booth. Here are some pictures of our setup before the fun begins. If you have any questions or comments that you don't get a chance to ask at the event, you can comment on our Facebook Page!



2/8/16 -- Social Media

Fresno Equipment will be now be posting news and information on our Facebook Page: We will still post here occasionally, but most of our news, photos, events and promotions can be found on Facebook. Even if you don't have an account yourself, you can click the link and see everythign that's on our feed! Click and tell us if you like us!

12/17/15 -- Five Points Open House and Buffet Lunch to celebrate Brad Wood's retirement!

Please Join us on Friday for Brad's Open House retirement lunch. Call the store for more details. See you there!

12/09/15 -- Quarterly New Product Launch!!

Introducing new products from John Deere:
  • 5G Series tractors -- The new 5GN (narrow) and 5GV (vineyard) Series Tractors come in 75, 90, and 100 hp, with working widths down to 43 inches! These narrows are going to slowly replace the 5ENs, and should be available for order in the Spring to late Summer 2016. 
  • 590i Gators -- John Deere has finally introduced a new mid-sized Gator. With its powerful twin cylinder engine and independent four-wheel suspension, it has twice the power of the 550i. And with 75 attachment options, it has combines speed and power with an unparalleled balance of work capability. Ask about these new mid-sized Gators today!
  • Generation 4 Comand Centers -- These new Gen4 CCs now have the capability to run AutoTrac, Section Control, your Rate Controller, and implement settings along with your equipment settings. You no longer have to worry about a second display screen. Plus, the new CCs now have more capabilities for intuitive control and easy navigation.
Follow this link to see the rest of the products and for more information: New Products!!

11/17/15 -- Grape, Raisin & Nut Expo



We were out at the annual Grape, Raisin & Nut Expo at the Fresno Fairgrounds again this year. Here are some early morning photos of our John Deere setup with Exact orchard equipment and custom cabs.

11/02/15 -- TruSet Tillage Technology now available

John Deere has come out with a tillage solution for inside the cab! This allows producers to adjust depth in 6 seconds (used to take 12-20 minutes), in addition adjusting psi and other functional areas from inside the cab. Available in the 2730 Combination Ripper in 2016. Ask a sales representative for more details.


10/23/15 -- Valley's Gold

We were so excited to be featured on an episode of Valley's Gold this summer! Here's a link to the episode (our segment is in the middle):

10/2/15 -- Join us at FEC in Welcoming our new Five Points Store Manager, Joseph Ayerza!

Joseph grew up in Kerman, and has over 30 years of experience with service and sales in the automotive, construction, industrial, and agricultural industries. He spent over 24 years at Cummins West, Inc., working his way from Journeyman Technician to Vice President of Operations.

Joseph's broad range of experience, from Tech, to Manager, to V.P. makes him a very welcome addition to our Five points location! Next time you're in the dealership say Hello!


8/31/15 -- Field Connect Moisture Sensor Probes are now available in Wireless!!

Field Connect can now support up to 8 moisture probes spread out over a 1 mile radius. Also, all probes are upgrading from 2G to 3G for even faster upload speeds.

For more information on Field Connect, visit Fresno Equipment Company's Field Connect page or John Deere's Field Connect page.

For more info about the wireless Gateway and 3G upgrades, see this News Release from john Deere.

8/25/15 -- New John Deere 9RX 4-Track Tractor is Available for Order!

The 9RX Series Tractors for model year 2016 will deliver the proven reliability of John Deere’s 20 years of experience in manufacturing rubber-tracked tractors. The 9RX Series are available in four models from 470 hp to 620 hp. These models are powered by the John Deere PowerTechTM PSS 13.5-L, and the Cummins® QSX15 engines. The 2016 9RX Series Tractors provide power and torque to maximize performance in the toughest conditions. Ask for more information today!


7/15/15 – Satellite Frequency Change / mandatory Software Update!

There is an upcoming mandatory software update for John Deere StarFire Receivers due to a satellite frequency change. SF1, SF2, and RTK accuracies will revert to default WAAS (+/- 13 in.) accuracy if the update isn't installed by 7/15/15!

Fresno Equipment can update receivers either at the store or in the field. (If you have a Support Package, we have already updated your receiver.)

You can also update the software yourself. StarFire 3000 Receivers update automatically by keeping the receiver on under clear view of the sky for at least an hour, then rebooting the system. Wait 5 minutes between shutdown and restart. Downloads can take up to an hour. Alternatively, you can manually change the satellite frequency on your display without updating software. Earlier model receivers than the 3000 receiver require a manual update or frequency change. Contact Fresno Equipment for instructions.

Call Brian Montgomery, (559) 360-7878, or one of our sales representatives for assistance.

6/3/15 – Drive Green Sales Event!

We had our Drive Green Sales Event last week. Thanks to all of the customers and vendors who came out!