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Precision Ag

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The products listed in this section are information and technology-oriented products offered by Fresno Equipment Co. Click on a product area below for a description of each product. See John Deere's Precision Ag page for more info.

Precision Ag products


Green Guard

Certain Precision Ag products are designed to be sold in conjunction with support packages from your John Deere dealer (Fresno Equipment Company). Green Guard is the name for our support packages for Precision Ag products. Go to our Green Guard page

For example, if you purchase a Field Connect moisture monitoring system, you may need the moisture probe taken out after the season and re-installed/activated again in the spring. You also may want an experienced second set of eyes to periodically check in on your soil moisture levels and service alerts throughout the year. FEC's Green Guard package for Field Connect includes all this plus priority phone support for $250 per probe per year. Instead of paying more than this for the service calls to remove and re-install the probe alone, you can get more and save!

We currently offer Green Guard packages for these products:  Field Connect, JDLink, GPS (AutoTrac/Guidance), and equipment inspections.

Contact the Integrated Solutions Department

Please contact Brian Montgomery by calling the Five Points location. Our Sales Representatives can also assist you with AMS product questions.

          Brian Montgomery
     Integrated Solutions Manager
        Office: (559) 884-2425
          Cell: (559) 360-7878


Watch these videos featuring Precision Ag products:

Remote Display Access

Wireless Data Transfer

These videos feature farms outside of California, but the products shown are similarly used in the San Joaquin Valley.

News and Information

2/6/17 - New Tools and Features Available in John Deere Operations Center

  • Guidance line management (delete and rename): producers can now manage guidance lines by reviewing the list, deleting bad lines, and renaming good lines. This will enable producers to reuse their desired guidance lines and reduce operator mistakes in the field by preventing temporary lines from being included in setup files. Map view will be coming soon after this release.
  • Agronomic report export in CSV format: the agronomic reports generated in Operations Center can now be exported to a CSV file for use by producers.
  • Product panel search updates: improvements to the search functionality within the product panel will allow users to quickly locate, add, and reuse common products.
  • Jobs and MyJobs app updates: the Jobs feature in Operations Center and the related MyJobs mobile app are now easier to use, with additional information and photos. The grower can generate summary job reports that are exportable in CSV format. 
  • MyAnalyzer™ Android™ mobile app: farm summary information: the farm summary information within the MyAnalyzer mobile app is now included for Android smartphones and tablets.
  • New feedback link is more accessible: a feedback link has been added in a more visible location to make it easier to submit input from everywhere in the Operations Center website.
  • New MyJohnDeere™ notification routing: All users now have the ability to change their profile and receive notifications of outages and updates via SMS text or email. This allows John Deere to more proactively communicate with dealers and customers to understand system updates and manage outage expectations.

4/18/16 - John Deere Operations Center Gets Some Big Improvements

The name has changed -- "The Operations Center" is now "John Deere Operations Center."

You can now draw and edit field boundaries in the JD Operations Center app or website, rather than having to use a GPS receiver in the field.

JD Operations Center is also now compatible with GS 2 2600 and 1800 displays.

You can also customize zones in JD Operations Center (for soil type, or moisture levels) in polygon or free-hand shapes. 

2/1/16 - Software Updates

GS 2 and 3 Software Update -- Scheduled for February 2016.

Generation 4 CommandCenter Software Update -- Scheduled for February 2016.

6/29/15 - Improved Location Monitoring!

With JDLink Express and JDLink Locate you can "slap & track" anything by attaching a small battery-powered gateway and tracking it online. With JDLink Express, location updates have been improved from every hour to every 2 minutes!

7/15/15 – Satellite Frequency Change / mandatory Software Update!

There is an upcoming mandatory software update for John Deere StarFire Receivers due to the frequency changing on all GPS and GLONASS satellites. The SF1, SF2, and RTK accuracies will revert to the default WAAS (+/- 13 in.) accuracy if the update isn't installed by 7/15/15!

Fresno Equipment can update receivers either at the store or in the field. If you have a Support Package, we have already updated your receiver.

You can also update the software yourself. StarFire 3000 Receivers update automatically by turning the receiver on under clear view of the sky for at least 1 hour, then rebooting the system. Wait 5 minutes between shutdown and restart. Downloads can take up to 1 hour. Alternatively, you can manually change the satellite frequency on your display without updating software.

Call Brian Montgomery (559) 360-7878 or one of our sales representatives for assistance.