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Precision Ag

Welcome to the Fresno Equipment Precision Ag Home Page

The products listed in this section are information and technology-oriented products offered by Fresno Equipment Co. Click on a product area below for a description of each product. See John Deere's Precision Ag page for more info.

Precision Ag products


Green Guard

Certain Precision Ag products are designed to be sold in conjunction with support packages from your John Deere dealer (Fresno Equipment Company). Green Guard is the name for our support packages for Precision Ag products. Go to our Green Guard page

For example, if you purchase a Field Connect moisture monitoring system, you may need the moisture probe taken out after the season and re-installed/activated again in the spring. You also may want an experienced second set of eyes to periodically check in on your soil moisture levels and service alerts throughout the year. FEC's Green Guard package for Field Connect includes all this plus priority phone support for $250 per probe per year. Instead of paying more than this for the service calls to remove and re-install the probe alone, you can get more and save!

We currently offer Green Guard packages for these products:  Field Connect, JDLink, GPS (AutoTrac/Guidance), and equipment inspections.

Contact the Integrated Solutions Department

Please contact Philip Christensen by calling the Five Points location. Our Sales Representatives can also assist you with AMS product questions.

     Philip Christensen
     Precision Ag Manager
     Office: (559) 884-2425
     Cell: (559) 360-7878